Peter Schwartz

Photographic Musings - Personal Statement

Of all the parts of the photographic journey - shooting, printing, matting, framing - the shooting is by far the most exciting. Looking at the finished product, if it is very good, has its own magic. But nothing equals the joy of The Shoot.

Something has caught my attention; some image has entered my mind. Sometimes there is serendipity. I happen to be passing a spot where something wonderful is happening right now; no time to think. The quickening of my pulse signals that my whole body is aware that I am in the presence of greatness. My body, my mind, are both on automatic. I don’t necessarily know what I am looking for, but I know when I find it. And I shoot. And I wait for my heart to stop racing.

There is skill  in noticing what is around you, in realizing that you are in the presence of greatness - the unique lighting, the magnetism of an object in its environment, the harmony of the moment.

I believe that a photographic image is about relationships and harmony. While there may appear to be a single subject in a photograph, the success of the image is in how well each part relates to each other, to create the whole: the composition, the flow and the harmony of the entire image.

I hope you enjoy exploring these images as much as I have enjoyed  taking them.